A Sense of Purpose

I had been at Bethel Christian Academy, (BCA), a private Christian school, with my husband, Chris, serving as principal, while I worked, as a monitor, in the Learning Center, and, with the Music Department. This was from the Fall of 1992, to the Spring of 1998. After this was over, I wanted an avenue for my music, since I was done, there. (Chris and I, had thought it best, for him to return to radio, after this. So, I moved on, at this point, too).

I was hoping for a chance to be a part of a choir, and, also, to do some solo work. I had heard about the Okanogan Valley Orchestra and Chorus, (OVOC), on the radio, on Open Line. So, I decided to go to the rehearsals. I sing 1st Soprano, in the chorus part of OVOC.

I started in the Fall of 1998. And, it has been wonderful, ever since. I have had a wonderful chance, to be part of a choir. And, I have had the wonderful opportunity, to do some solo work, too. This has given my life a lot of fun, and an added sense of purpose.

And, I have also had the wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with some truly lovely people, too. As a result of being involved in the "Mother's Day Extravaganza," in the Spring of 2008, I decided to get involved in some of the Spring musicals, as well.  As a result, I was in "Beauty and the Beast," in the Fall of 2008.

I was also involved in "Annie Get Your Gun," in the Spring of 2010, and "Spamalot," in the Spring of 2013. And, I will be involved in "The Little Mermaid," this coming Spring of 2017, also.

These concerts and musicals, have given me the opportunity to have something to invite my friends and family to.

Tina Maria (M.) Schmidt ! 🙂

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