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Greetings, OVOC Membership,

We are in the midst of big changes and decisions regarding the locations of our props, costumes, and music! At this time we are wondering if anyone knows of a dry, clean space that might be available to store our Chorus music? There are about 8 metal file cabinets with music in them. With the Costume shop being sold at some point, we will need storage space. It would be best in the Omak/Okanogan area since the Chorus Director, Derek Pulsifer, and Chorus Music Librarian, Betsy Rainsford, would need access and they both live and teach there. 

Thank you so much for your input!


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Hello everyone!

As many of you know, OVOC has been fortunate to be able to store building

materials, build sets, store props, set pieces, and sets in a building owned by

Coleman Oil on Benton Street in Omak. We have been informed this week that the

building will be demolished soon. At this time, we do not yet know how much time

we have to move out. We have a lot of stuff there.

We are hoping that we can find a building that we can store stuff in, and maybe even

build in, soon.

If any of you know about a building that is large enough to at least store set

materials and tools, set pieces and props, if you own one that you are not using and

don’t mind OVOC using, or know someone who does, please let us know. You can

contact Ugo Bartell at 509-429-1676 or Karen Schimpf at 509-486-2144, or contact through our web site.

Thank you so much,

Karen Schimpf, OVOC VP.

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To our valued OVOC friends and family,

We'd like to put this reminder out to you, encouraging our folks to get online and do the census! It's very easy.

Okanogan County is the 3rd most underreported county in Washington state--37% right now, and we get funding in this county depending on how many live here and are reported. Underreported means underfunded.

It is easy to report online and can be accessed by just clicking this Census Bureau link: Folks will start to knock on doors of homes not reported by August 11.

We'd like to see Okanogan County's population represented and able to receive available funding for more opportunities in our area!

Thanks, everyone! We hope you are staying well and enjoying the mild summer!

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