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OVOC produces 4 concerts every year in October, December, February and March or early April.

The February concert is a family oriented concert for children of all ages and has been FREE for the past 3 seasons, thanks to grants received.

OVOC would like to offer the Family Concert for free admission each year but needs to make sure funds are available in order to accomplish this. This happened in 2016 due to funding from the Community Foundation of NCW.

Concert ticket prices were last raised in 1999. OVOC has been reluctant to raise ticket prices to meet the increased expense we have experienced in the past few years.

OVOC produces a Broadway style musical every spring in May.​​​​

OVOC is an all volunteer nonprofit organization with some members who are paid with stipends: the Orchestra and Chorus Directors and our Coordinator.

OVOC also pays small stipends to others who have skills that OVOC members may not have.

No auditions  are required by either the Orchestra or the Chorus . The only requirement is enthusiasm, a willingness to learn and to perform together fine music for the Okanogan County community.

We are always looking for people to join the Chorus and the Orchestra.

The Orchestra especially needs musicians who play string instruments.  Recruitment is a challenge.

Part of our Outreach is to help support Second Strings, a group of string students directed by Roz Nau.

Ticket sales do not cover the expenses of our 4 concerts or of the Broadway musical we produce each year.

The expense of one concert is approximately $4,400. ​

The expense of each musical is $30,000 to $39,000​.

​We rely on our loyal donors and sponsors for much of our support with many thanks.  OVOC could not exist without them. 

We also rely on grants for funding and fund raisers, from garage sales to our February Dinner.

Many Okanogan County students have gown up participating in OVOC and have gone on to college to become music teachers, directors of plays, and participants in community arts programs.

OVOC members come to perform from far away places such as Chelan, Paters, the Methow, Grand Coulee, Oroville and all spots in between.

OVOC has a costume shop in Okanogan.  You can rent and sometimes purchase costumes there on Thursday

​We store and build our sets and props in the Prop Shed on Benton Street, owned by Coleman Oil who lets us use this building.  Thank you to Coleman Oil.

The Omak School District gives us space to store our Chorus music and allows us to use the Band and Chorus rooms in the High School.

The Okanogan School District lets OVOC use Virginia Grainger and the Okanogan High School building to rehearse in for our musical every year.

We have done and hope to do, outreach for our community organizations when we can.  Please ask.

James Craddock has created our new web site ovocmusic.org.  Please check it regularly and become an OVOC member through it.  


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