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Letter to Our Audience and Volunteer Performers

We are sorry to announce that our March 28th spring finale concert featuring Broadway favorites and other memorable tunes has been cancelled due to growing concern around the coronavirus and the safety of our Okanogan County residents.

We hope that our community efforts to halt the spread of the virus will allow us to get back to our regular rehearsal and performance spaces in order to continue the sharing and enjoyment of music as soon as possible.

As we will not get to thank all those who support OVOC in person, we would like to extend our thank-yous in this announcement.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our season ticket holders and sponsors. Without your support we could not hold concerts and reach the community with the amazing music and theater put on by our directors and performers. Your support strengthens Okanogan Valley Orchestra and Chorus and our community. We shall follow up with you in the very near future to sort out any unfinished business. Again, thank you so much for your support!

A big thank you goes out to our wonderful volunteer performers who dedicate hours each week practicing and perfecting their parts to make each performance the best it can be. We know how hard you work on the music and appreciate you making it a priority amidst all the other obligations in your lives. Thank you for sharing your talents and passion for music as a group for the benefit of everyone who comes to share in the love of fine music and theater.

To our OVOC coordinator, Judy Johnston, who has decided to officially retire after this season, we cannot thank you enough for the years of hard work you have put into coordinating all the different extensions of OVOC. Also, thank you for all the work you are currently doing as Director of Mamma Mia!

To Jonathan McBride, our OVOC Chorus Director, and Matt Brown, our OVOC Orchestra Director: Thank you! Thank you for sharing your amazing talents as musicians and directors and leading our orchestra and chorus with wonderful musical selections. Your amazing, positive attitudes help facilitate community within the orchestra and chorus, as well as with the public.

And to our beautiful audience, we thank you for your loyal support. Your attendance at OVOC performances not only makes them possible, but also encourages the spirits of our directors, performers, and community. “A show without an audience is nothing, after all. In the response of the audience, that is where the power of performance lives.” --Erin Morgensten

So while it is with deep regret that we end our regular season with a cancellation, we are immensely looking forward to future concerts and performances. Please visit the OVOC website homepage, or follow this link:, to fill out an anonymous audience evaluation where you can express your opinions about our 2019-2020 season, as well as share your ideas for next season.

Thank you all for your continued support of Okanogan Valley Orchestra and Chorus.

Ugo Bartell, President, and the OVOC Board

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