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Pressing Prop Shed Situation

Hello everyone!

As many of you know, OVOC has been fortunate to be able to store building

materials, build sets, store props, set pieces, and sets in a building owned by

Coleman Oil on Benton Street in Omak. We have been informed this week that the

building will be demolished soon. At this time, we do not yet know how much time

we have to move out. We have a lot of stuff there.

We are hoping that we can find a building that we can store stuff in, and maybe even

build in, soon.

If any of you know about a building that is large enough to at least store set

materials and tools, set pieces and props, if you own one that you are not using and

don’t mind OVOC using, or know someone who does, please let us know. You can

contact Ugo Bartell at 509-429-1676 or Karen Schimpf at 509-486-2144, or contact through our web site.

Thank you so much,

Karen Schimpf, OVOC VP.


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