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Project FACELIFT & GiveNCW - watch your giving grow!

Between Thanksgiving Day and Dec. 31, OVOC is joining the GiveNCW campaign so that our donors’ giving can grow! And we have a specific project in mind for the funding:

The OVOC building was donated to us about a year ago. We appreciate having this space to store and build sets and props for musicals, store and create costumes, store music and supplies for concerts, and to have a place for our Board and committee members to meet together!

Before we owned the building, our activities and items were spread out in different places and we knew that we could be told to move at any time. Since we got the new building, MANY repairs have been made, from the roof outside to electrical upgrades to interior cosmetic changes.

One additional very large expense will be cleaning and painting the outside of the building. What’s left of the old paint is peeling, causing the building to look worn out and uninviting. At 10,000 square feet, that’s a lot of work!

The OVOC Board is hoping to fund a very necessary FACELIFT for this building. A clean and freshly painted building would be more pleasing and inviting to the community, especially with its location in downtown Okanogan. The OVOC Board hopes that our community will see this building as OVOC’s HOME, to be used as a meeting place for its members and performers in the future. A fresh new look would attract and invite members and the community inside, to come together in the spirit of learning about, appreciating and presenting fine music.

GiveNCW donations can be made as many times as a donor likes, with a minimum of $10 each time. Donors can also decide to “Give to All” the organizations on the list, and the funds will be split evenly at the end of the campaign, with a $50,000 match to boot! 100% of all donations go directly to the nonprofits. There are other ways to watch giving grow:

  • Funday Monday: Each time anyone donates on a Monday, that name is entered to win $1,000 to use on GiveNCW (three winners are drawn each week).

  • Match Wednesday: The first $5,000 in donations on Give NCW is matched up to $100 each (does not apply to Give to All option).

If you can, please donate at OVOC always appreciates your support!

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