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U-Pick Cinder Block Sale Starts Clean Up and Fundraising for New Building

On Sunday, Feb. 26, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., anyone wanting to salvage some of our cinder blocks can come and grab what they want for a donation to the OVOC cause, 429 S. Second Ave., Okanogan.

You pick, you haul however many you would like. Bring work gloves and anything else you will need to work safely. We will only focus on the blocks that can be safely recovered at this point - many blocks are simply scattered across what used to be parking spaces in front of the building.

We will likely hold other salvage or clean up events later this spring. Stay tuned to our social media pages or website to see what's coming.

Our exact plans for the future of the building are still underway - we are waiting for the final reports from engineers. Stay tuned!

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