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Virtual Auditions: How to Become Involved with Mamma Mia!

OVOC is gearing up to begin preparing the community musical to be performed May 6-15, 2022. Eighteen months ago, COVID-19 shut down the production of Mamma Mia! which was already four weeks into rehearsals. Finally, the production can move forward, and you can become involved.

When the production was shut down, a wonderful cast of performers was hard at work. The actors who are willing to resume their same roles will continue in those parts. For those whose situation has changed, there are openings in the cast. Auditions for these parts will be handled differently this year. We are nervous about gathering a large group indoors at a time when COVID numbers are high in our county. Therefore, we are asking for anyone interested in performing in Mamma Mia! to submit a video audition.

This submission can be recorded on a smart phone or camera; it does not need to be fancy! We would like for you to sing something that shows your range. Backing tracks are available online for a variety of styles. Please keep this fairly short, no more than 90 seconds. Make sure that you are situated so that light is on your face and sing straight into the lens of the camera. In additions to a song of your choice, please do the following exercise: sing Happy Birthday three times, each one differently. The first time, imagine you are singing to your very best friend. The second time, imagine yourself as an opera star delivering this on a huge stage to an audience of thousands. The third time, pretend you are a back hills country singer with a prominent twang. Have fun with this! I want to see your personality and if you can project a character.

If you can't decide on a song you really wish to sing, just do the Happy Birthday exercise. At the start of the video, state your name clearly. There will be an audition form you will also fill out when you submit the video (posted below). Video submissions will be accepted until Nov. 15. Parts will be announced Nov. 20.

The parts of Donna, Tanya, and Rosie are not open for audition. The parts of the three dads may involve some changes, so if you are interested, please audition. There are many other parts that will be fun to play. The ensemble is very much a part of the show, and I am seeking strong singers to balance the existing cast. There are a few parts with featured lines and many parts for young men and young ladies. There is a dance component, but the moves are simple and easy to learn.

Upload your videos to this link:

Contact Judy Johnston if you have questions:

Please fill out the Auditions App below!

Auditions App 2021 (1)
Download DOCX • 15KB


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