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The Variety Show

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The Variety Show

Presented by OVOC Performing Arts, our variety show is all about showcasing you and the creative talent of the Okanogan Valley. 

Come perform the work of your solos and small ensembles with us in our Variety Show, Friday, February 9th at 6pm. 


Whether you're a fan of musical theater, enjoy mesmerizing concerts, or just love supporting local artists, this is the place to be! OVOC Performing Arts is dedicated to enriching our community through diverse and dynamic performing arts.

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A Celebration
of Life

Our Variety Show is dedicated this year as a Celebration of Life to Ric Gendron. Experience his art on display at our event, February 9th, 6pm at the Omak PAC



Welcome to The Variety Show, OVOC Performing Arts' annual extravaganza that celebrates the extraordinary talents of our local artists.

Once a year, our stage becomes a vibrant canvas, showcasing an eclectic mix of performances that mirror the diverse soul of our community. Every performance in The Variety Show is a unique gem, reflecting the passion and creativity of our local performers, including (but not limited to)

  • Musicians: From the soulful strums of guitarists to the powerful harmonies of bands, our musicians create a symphony of sounds.

  • Magicians: Be ready to be captivated by mind-bending illusions and mesmerizing tricks that promise to leave you in awe.

  • Singer-Songwriters: Experience the raw, heartfelt stories told through the melodies and lyrics of our local singer-songwriters.

  • Poets: Dive into the depths of emotion and thought with our poets, as they weave words into tapestries of meaning.

  • Dancers: Witness a spectrum of dance forms, from the elegance of ballet to the rhythmic beats of contemporary dance.

  • Theater Performances: Be transported into different worlds with our theatrical acts, ranging from classic plays to avant-garde experimental pieces.

Join Us in Celebrating Local Artistry

The Variety Show is more than just a performance; it's a testament to the vibrant artistic community that OVOC Performing Arts nurtures. It's a night where artists and art enthusiasts come together to celebrate the richness of local talent.

Get Involved!

Are you a local performer eager to showcase your talent? We invite musicians, magicians, dancers, poets, and performers of all kinds to be a part of this magnificent event. Reach out to us for audition dates and more information on how you can be a part of The Variety Show.

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