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Harmonizing Community Spirit, One Note at a Time.

Say Hello to Brassworks - Your Go-To Community Brass Band! 

Hey there, friends and fellow music enthusiasts! Ever find yourself tapping along to the beat of brass music? Whether it's a lively march or your favorite pop tune with a brassy twist, we've got something special for you. Meet Brassworks, our cozy little brass band with a big heart for fun tunes and community vibes.

We're a bunch of local musicians - your neighbors, actually - who gather every Tuesday from 6-8 PM at Omak High School, turning brass into gold (musically speaking!). And guess what? You're invited to join the fun! Whether you play an instrument and want to jam with us, or just love the idea of a community band, come on over. We promise good music and great company.

What's the Brassworks Buzz?

  • Eclectic Playlist: From toe-tapping classics to pop favorites with a brassy flair, we keep it lively and diverse.

  • Casual & Friendly: Leave the formal wear at home. Our gigs are all about relaxed vibes and spontaneous dance moves.

  • Open Rehearsals: Curious? Grab your instrument and meet us on Tuesdays, 6-8 PM at Omak High School. Let's make some noise together!

  • Hire Us: Looking to add some pizzazz to your venue or event? Brassworks is available for hire! Perfect for local businesses wanting to spice things up with live, energetic music.


So, whether you're in the mood to play, listen, or add a unique touch to your next event, Brassworks is here to deliver. Let's make our community a little brighter, one brass note at a time. See you Tuesday!

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